Best Mattress Brands Revealed

People often wonder which mattress is the best. A big-ticket item typically requires much research, as well as talking to experts to hopefully help answer a few of the more domain questions (such as, what on earth are the springs in those expensive mattresses?). Then using that knowledge to sift through the reviews and ratings on the market, we came up with this shortlist of the best mattress brands. The list is not in any way ranked by importance — just a quick look at the reviews and ratings and you can tell which brands are most popular and which may be too “overrated.”

Of course, the first name on the list is the Simmons Beautyrest World Class. For many people, Beautyrest is the flagship for high-end bedding, and it comes in at number eight on our list of the best mattress brands. In fact, it is so popular that Mattress Warehouse offers special service in some areas where the company has established stores. You can buy your bed set from either inside or outside the store and pick them up the same day you buy it.

The next top brand on our list is Serta. After Simmons, the next most popular mattress brand is Serta. Many people either know nothing about Serta or love it, while others absolutely love it! While the company isn’t nearly as well known as Simmons, it does manufacture some amazing models, such as the Diamond Comfort Elite, that remain on the best mattresses list. In fact, the Diamond Comfort Elite is actually the highest selling all-around mattress in America.

The final mattress brand to make our list is TempurPedic. Tempur pedic is probably most recognized for its air bed line, but it does manufacture a number of quality mattresses as well. The company also has an excellent reputation for providing good value for money and many owners report great levels of comfort even when using a more expensive model. Their biggest claim to fame is their amazing anti-snoring devices. While they do need to be regularly adjusted to ensure they are effective, many owners find them to be an answer to their sleeping problems. Sleepycat mattress

Last on our list of the best sleep systems is Leesa. For many years, Leesa was known mainly as a hospital equipment manufacturer, but in recent years the company has started to broaden its range of products. They now produce a line of crib mattresses, as well as day beds, pillow-top airbed, and other accessories. Like other leading brands, Leesa uses a multiple layer design — a thick inner layer to provide extra firmness and a medium outer layer to provide a soft, cushioned feel. Each of these layers has a core layer designed to provide support, which means that users will not feel the effects of wear and tear on their sleep system.

While Leesa does not tend to be associated with high-end models, they do produce a number of highly comfortable mattresses for children, teenagers, and even adults. These range in price, depending on the specific specifications of the product, as well as the brand. They can be purchased for under a hundred dollars, although most of their innerspring mattresses are more expensive at this point in time. Leesa also makes excellent crib mattresses for those seeking to get a newborn baby into the world as quickly as possible.

One of the newest members of the Best Mattress Brands family is Sealy. While Sealy does not make as many innerspring coil beds as some of their competitors, they do produce an excellent range of softer models aimed at children and adults alike. A lot of Sealy mattresses use innersprings made from memory foam, a scientifically proven material that moulds itself to the shape of your body. They are also one of the few brands that use innerspring coils, which are much less expensive than traditional coils. Innerspring coils tend to cause skin irritation and are less comfortable than foam.

The next most popular mattress type is made from natural rubber latex. This is the type of mattress most commonly found in Western countries and is often accompanied by the smell of rubber. Many people associate these types of mattresses with sleep, however, they are also suitable for use in infants, children, and adults. They are available in a number of grades, and the higher the grade the firmer and more comfortable it will be. Natural latex mattress brands tend to be more expensive than innerspring coil mattresses, but this may all change in the near future.

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